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By reworking Robert Smithson "Incidents of Mirror-Travel In the Yucatán" (1969) 40 years later, Monday morning at 4.40 in the subway of Stockholm, we aim to get lost in the city. With 12 mirrors "displaced" on every station from Gullmarsplan to Hökarängen, the reflection reverse and disperse the sites. The normal trip of 10 minutes expanded into 3 hours.

Blasieholmstorget in central Stockholms looks like an italian piazza - the two horse statues on each side of the square are copies from Piazza San Marco in Venice - but is almost always bereft of people. Is it possible to transform the place into a piazza? On a snowy and windy Sunday in February we tried.

Ankurbeln/Igångsättande: From the exhibition "Pendulum Experiment" by Monica Sand in St Jacob's church, Stockholm, Sweden 2-29 of Jan. 2010. A 12 meter high swing in the ceiling: singer in the swing: Anna E. Weiser, saxophone, cow horn: Thommy Wahlström, wings: Wolfgang Weiser.

Social environment has got its own rhythms through sound, space and time - its own soundscapes. We recognize and understand the present by finding, following and amplifying the common rhythms. By changing the soundscape in a specific place – Saint Jacob´s church in this case – we create a different present, with its new rhythms and ambience.
Soundinstallation by Pablo Padilla Jargstorf 22-24th of Jan 2010 in the exhibition Pendelexperiment.

This video transports the audience between different levels of the city, from the perspective of the moving body. The question is what will happen when the ambience in the underground and the soundscape of the street are linked?

Video and sound: Monica Sand and Ricardo Atienza

In an attempt to reach a short moment of zero-gravity, I mounted a 42 meter high swing on the bridge (Älvsborgsbron) in Gothenburg harbour, Sweden. A dancer, Gunilla Janson, moved between being earthbound and weightless.

Installation: Monica Sand